Available Nodes

Graph of the ROS system
The system is split up into 10 nodes:
  • rbd_gestrec: Connects to the gestrec.py script via rosbridge to get the recognized gesture.
  • rbd_controller: Coordinated the control flow between rbd_gestrec, rbd_navigation and rbd_pos_controller.
  • rbd_navigation: Returns a path corresponding to a gesture.
  • rbd_lidar: Stops the rbd_pos_controller if a collision is detected. Filters the Pointcloud.
  • slam_toolbox: Calculates the pose based on a map generated with SLAM
  • zed2 nodes: Calculates pose based on stereo camera.
  • ekf_localization: Fuses the IMU data with the ZED2 pose via a Kalman filter into a filtered pose.
  • rbd_localization: Combines the filtered pose and the pose from SLAM into one pose.
  • rbd_pos_controller: Moves the robot to the desired pose.
  • qre_ros: Unitree A1 driver.